Photo: Example - Use of space under elevated railway tracks

Example - Use of space under elevated railway tracks Government, railways and local shopping area worked together on introduction of a large scale bicycle parking lot by making effective use of "space under elevated railway tracks".

Photo: Shopping area
Photo: Bicycle parking lot under elevated railway tracks
Edogawa Ward, Tokyo
JR Sobu Line, Koiwa Station Shopping Facility
Koiwa PoPo

As Koiwa PoPo, a commercial facility operated by JR Group, was renovated, a plan for introducing a large-scale bicycle parking lot was made. It was a large project that would likely solve the bicycle parking problem around Koiwa Station, promote users of the station and revitalize the area if it succeeded. NCD already had experience with projects of bicycle parking lots at Funabashi Station, Motoyawata Station, Ichikawa Station and Kameido Station along the same Sobu Line. We were committed to work for improvement in a comfortable environment by solving the bicycle parking problem. Due to our proven track record, an offer was made to us.

By meeting the needs of the local area, devised the best possible plan

In the area around Koiwa Station, traditional streets maintain the mood of old days and the local shopping is lively. On the other hand, bicycles left by commuters going to work and school as well as shoppers were noticeable.
JR East Urban Development Corporation was planning to introduce a large scale bicycle parking lot as Koiwa PoPo, a commercial facility under the elevated railway tracks was being renovated. When the bicycle parking lot was improved, it was expected that the ability of attracting customers of Koiwa Station and Koiwa PoPo would increase, leading to beautification of the area near the station and further vitalization of the area. Edogawa Ward also had a desire to install a bicycle parking lot. NCD responded to the expectations of these three parties of the government, railways, and local business association.
This plan for introduction provided NCD the chance to show its skill. The company discussed with railway officials, local government (Edogawa Ward) and local shopping area to devise the best plan.

Resolved the problems specific to space under the elevated railway tracks

Photo: Security camera

Since the area under the elevated railway tracks is structurally prone to create blind spots due to many pillars, emphasis was placed on crime prevention. To check all spots within the lot, NCD installed cameras. This enhanced deterrent against crime and made it possible to verify if something bad happened.
. The bicycle parking lot on the second floor posed more challenges than usual one, however, NCD cleared troublesome conditions by making the most of a wealth of expertise in design which can be said to be NCD's strong point. The Company completed the nation's largest bicycle parking lot using power lock bicycle parking equipment.

Planning based on co-existence with the community

Photo: Prepaid card

NCD proposed a prepaid card system for people regularly using the bicycle parking lot for commuting to work or to school. After consultation with Edogawa Ward, we introduced fixed rates equivalent to the municipal month-to-month bicycle parking lot.Since there was a private bicycle parking lot in the vicinity, which had been used by residents for many years, NCD set a rate at which both parking lots can coexist in cooperation with JR East Urban Development Corporation.

Each party of "Railways", "Local shopping area" and "Edogawa Ward" enjoyed benefits

Photo: Person ascending the slope.

As a result, the Koiwa PoPo's bicycle parking lot that accommodates approximately 1,500 bikes had great success being in full operation at all times. Illegal bicycle parking and abandoned bicycles in the vicinity were reduced, producing successful results for each of "Railways", "Local shopping area" and "Edogawa Ward".
By offering free two-hour bicycle parking, the number of customers shopping in the shopping area after parking the bicycle at Koiwa PoPo increased, making the "Local shopping area" happy by benefiting from the synergistic effect. If there is a bicycle parking lot near the station, people can enjoy shopping and or take a train with peace of mind.By introducing EcoStation21, JR East Urban Development Corporation could put its concept "The station is a terminal for comfortable life" into a shape.

Bicycle parking lot under elevated railway tracks is expected to increase in the future

Photo: Overall view of the bicycle parking lot

Station, local government and local shopping area working together on building a town from the starting point of the space underneath the elevated railway tracks. NCD takes pride in participating this project. As the trend toward elevated railway tracks is expected to grow in the future, it seems that the utilization of space underneath the elevated railway tracks would increase nationwide. The example of the area in front of JR Koiwa Station is packed with tips on creation of a new town. We would like to continue to contribute to further development of a town.

Enterprise introducedJR East Urban Development Corporation
Location (Place) of introduction

[Facility name] Koiwa PoPo

[Address] 7-24-15 Minami-Koiwa, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo

[Along railway line/Station] JR Sobu Line, Koiwa Station

Time introduced EcoStation21October 2005 (Added in March 2006)
Model introducedA Lock(400mm-pitch) 1,450 bicycles

* Japan's largest all power lock bicycle parking lot

Operation typeEquipment provided

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